Madeleine Bailey

Madeleine Bailey when the peaks 01

Window Rococo (ok, yay)

Baccara Wind-up

Licking the sunrise from a setting dawn (if people thought as little of me as I thought of them then what was love)

Madeleine Bailey when the peaks 01

Madeleine Bailey many moons untitled 01

Baccara Wind-up


For more information please see Baccara-Collaborative.

Madeleine Bailey fireworks in the daytime untitled 09

By the time the focus on we became they I was alone

Having been struck seven separate times by lightening across a period of 35 years, Roy Sullivan died in 1985 from natural causes.

Madeleine Bailey vanishing point

False Starts and Close Calls

To contend against the air, one must be specifically heavier than the air. All that is not absurd is possible. All that is possible may be accomplished.
– M. Nadar, on human flight, 1863.

Madeleine Bailey shared body

shared body

A collaboration between Marissa Perel and Madeleine Bailey with performance by Marissa Perel, Adam Rose and Georgia Wall.

Madeleine Bailey on flying, swimming, and falling Still Lives Falling

on flying, swimming, and falling

Indexes of endurance, absent spankers, mechanized logics and confused circuits, we know what is going on but we do not know for what this is going.